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All Natural No Chew - Extra Bitter Apple Spray


Stop & Redirect Bad Chewing Habits
Lick Safe, No Sting, No Stain, Non-Sticky
Great For Training Puppies & Kittens

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We work tirelessly to ensure that all our products are made using safe, healthy, 100% natural ingrediants that will keep your pet healthy and safe.


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All Natural Bitter Apple Spray For Dogs

Natural Dog Anti Chew Spray

If you're in need of a spray to stop dogs chewing, you're in luck. Unlike other anti chew sprays, ours is 100% natural. Our bitter apple spray for dogs is safe, gentle, non toxic, chemical free, paraben free, and cruelty free, to help your pet live a longer, healthier, happier life. Our extra bitter apple spray for dogs and cats is made by using a unique formulation of highly concentrated apple sour extract proven to work as the perfect bitter apple spray for dogs.

Spray to Stop Dogs Chewing

This kitten and puppy training spray is great for training puppies and kittens to stop biting, chewing, licking and scratching furniture, shoes, wires, clothes, or anywhere else you need a deterrent pet spray for. Making it the perfect all natural anti-chew spray you can trust!

Anti Chew Spray to Stop Bad Chewing Habits

Whether you need it for your dog, cat, rabbit, rodent, hamster, kitten or puppy, pets cannot stand the taste and will be encouraged not to chew the desired object. You can then redirect them to chew their own toys instead. This anti-chew spray is designed to be your one stop shop chew deterrent!

Lick Safe Bitter Apple Spray

Our bitter apple spray for dogs is 100% natural. This product is made with food grade ingredients, you can be safe in the knowledge that it is completely lick safe, no sting, no stain, and non sticky so you can use it on any objects or furniture that you desire.

Discourage Injury Biting

It’s not just a spray to stop dogs chewing. As an added bonus it is 100% safe to apply directly onto your animal to discourage them from biting their fur, skin, and dressing from injuries or wounds.

Bitter Apple Spray Ingredients:

  • Aqua
  • Natural Bittering Agent (derived from apples)
  • Citric Acid

Benefits of Using Bitter Apple Spray for Dogs:

  • All natural, safe, gentle & non-toxic
  • Stop & direct bad chewing habits
  • Lick safe, no sting, no stain, non sticky
  • Great for training puppies & kittens

How to Use Bitter Apple Spray:

  1. Shake well. Spray generously
  2. Add more if animal does not comply
  3. Use daily until you achieve the desired result

Dog Wormer Made in the UK

At The Healthy Dog Co, we wanted to make a 100% natural product without all the 'nasties'.

So we created a traditional nontoxic, safe, and effective product containing only natural ingredients that are 100% safe and effective.

We believe that pets deserve to have better, healthier products... and I'm sure you agree!

So hit ADD TO BASKET and help your pet live a healthier, happier life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
David Watt

Seems to work.
I have a ten week old puppy who likes to chew skirting boards and chair legs if left unattended.
We've tried the usual treats, chews and toys but she still prefers the skirting boards or chair legs if left alone.
Sprayed them with "All natural NO CHEW" which seems to have worked, no new damage but only time will tell.


Unser Versuch unserer kleinen Katze das Schwanzkauen und das rund-fressen der Kissenbezüge abzutrainieren, leider hält es nicht sehr lange, man muss regelmäßig nachsprühen!! Ist es dann aufgetragen, riecht es für Menschen kaum, beim Kätzchen zeigt es jedoch die gewünschte Wirkung!!


Hält ein bisschen das Knabbern im Zaum, aber muss öfter nachgesprüht werden


Thought we would try this for our 9week old German Shepherd puppy as he is a bit teeth happy.... which is in their nature

And this works for him

Tried it on my slippers which he loved to chew on
He came over.... put them in his mouth then stopped
Walked over the room and was no longer interested
So now we spray it on everything we don’t want him to chew or see him chewing
Cables woodwork etc

A god send

Lourdes Karina Rodriguez

Le doy 5 estrellas basada en la experiencia de 5 días que tengo usándolo, y en mi caso ha funcionado de maravilla, tengo un cachorro schnauzer que por la edad lo muerde todo, en especial pies tobillos, rociar esto y milagro!!