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Does Putting A Dog In Water With Fleas On Its Body Drown The Fleas?

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Does Putting A Dog In Water With Fleas On Its Body Drown The Fleas?

If there is one thing dog lovers have wondered about for decades, it is why fleas were ever created. A common problem for dogs, fleas seem impossible to get rid of and keep off your dog.

While there are many flea products on the market today, dog owners are hesitant to use them due to the various chemicals they contain and the possible toxicity issues that can sometimes occur.

As a result, it is often thought that when it comes time to bath a dog, simply putting it in the water while the fleas are still on its body will drown all existing fleas. If you too are wondering do fleas die in water, here is what you need to know.

Can Fleas Live in Water?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes. Though you've probably wondered do fleas drown in water, research has shown that just like the cockroaches that could probably survive a nuclear bomb, fleas also have excellent survival capabilities. According to researchers, a flea that is simply dropped into water will be able to survive for as long as one week. However, while this may sound as if you have no hope whatsoever of winning the flea battle, that is not so. While fleas can survive when dropped into water, it is still possible that under the right circumstances, they can be drowned.

How Long Does it Take to Drown a Flea?

While it is indeed possible to drown a flea, don't make a mad dash to fill a tub full of water so you can dunk your dog and rid it of fleas. While a flea that has been submerged in water will eventually drown, it takes a minimum of 24 hours for this to occur. Needless to say, even the most patient dog in the world will not stand for taking a 24-hour bath. Also, even if you like to take your dog for a swim now and then, it's impossible to hold a marathon session to rid it of its fleas. As another blow to your battle against fleas, any that are removed from the water within those 24 hours can be revived, enabling them to once again seek out your dog as their home.

Why are Fleas So Hard to Drown?

As for why fleas are so hard to drown, you can blame it on what is known as cuticle wax. Because fleas have cuticles that are wax-covered, this allows them to repel water, thus making fleas almost impossible to get wet. If you've ever dropped a flea into the water, you've probably noticed that it does not automatically sink to the bottom, but instead flails around on the water's surface. This is due to the cuticle wax, which some experts speculate even extends into a flea's trachea and keeps watering from entering their bodies, thus giving them added protection from drowning.

Can Fleas Swim?

Though it may look as if fleas can swim when dropped into water, they are not capable of swimming. Instead, they rely on their cuticle wax to keep them afloat and allow them to thrash about on the water's surface until they can reach something they can cling to, and thus jump out of the water.

Do Flea Eggs Die in Water?

Now that you know most fleas are not easy to drown, you may think their eggs may be a different story. However, just like the actual fleas themselves, the flea eggs are made to resist drowning. Even when submerged under the water's surface, flea eggs have a unique structure called Plastron. A gas layer within the egg's shell that resembles mesh, it enables the egg to extract oxygen from the water itself while also keeping water from entering the egg.

Best Flea Treatments

Now that you know it will take more than simply putting fleas into the water to kill them, you'll need to turn your attention to the various types of flea treatments on the market today. Since many dog owners prefer not to use chemically-based flea treatments, they instead are turning to many types of all-natural products to win the war on fleas.

For some dog owners, sprinkling food-grade Diatomaceous Earth on floors and in cracks and crevices sometimes proves helpful. For others, bathing their dogs in Dawn dishwashing liquid has also been somewhat effective, since the soapy water will make it easier for fleas to be submerged and eventually drown.

However, for the best results, many people turn to all-natural flea treatments offered by The Healthy Dog Co such as our trusted flea shampoo!

Sprays, Drops, and Shampoo

For starters, you may want to try The Healthy Dog Co's All-Natural Household Flea Fighter spray around your home. Easily used on beds, sofas, carpets, and other areas, its ingredients are 100% all-natural, non-toxic, and even safe for your dog to ingest. Since there is a three-day cycle from when fleas lay eggs until they hatch, we recommend you spray every third day for nine days, which will break the infestation cycle.

All Natural Household Flea Fighter The Healthy Dog Co

If you're ready to bath your canine friend, do so with The Healthy Dog Co's dog flea shampoo that is fast-acting and offers long-term protection. Having a fresh lemongrass scent, it is gentle on your dog's coat and works well on dogs big and small.

All Natural Flea Shampoo The Healthy Dog Co

Finally, if you just want to squirt a few drops of all-natural flea protection on your dog's back, consider using THDC's All-Natural Flea Fighter drops. Able to repel and kill fleas as well as ticks and lice, you'll only need to squirt one millilitre onto your dog each week for maximum protection. Best of all, the 100 ml bottle will last for well over one year, making it a very affordable all-natural flea treatment option.

Natural Flea Repellent By The Healthy Dog Co Available On Amazon Prime

Rather than hope against hope you'll be able to drown your dog's fleas during a bath or swim, rely instead on proven all-natural flea treatment products from The Healthy Dog Co. By doing so, your dog as well as your home will be flea-free.

About The Healthy Dog Co

The Healthy Dog Co’s mission is to create products that dog and cat owners can trust with the health of their pets by only producing products with healthy, safe, all natural ingredients.

At The Healthy Dog Co, it’s all about giving your pet a healthy and happy life with All Natural Health, Happiness and Care Products.

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