All Natural Flea Treatment For Dogs & Cats

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Repels and Kills Fleas, Ticks and Lice


Fast Acting Long Term Protection


Powerful, Natural, Non-Toxic Ingredients

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100% Natural Starter Pack Bundle by The Healthy Dog Co

Keep Your Dog Flea Free, Healthy and Happy


Flea Fighter Contents:

1 x 100ml bottle of The Healthy Dog Co All Natural Flea Fighter flea treatment


All Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs

The treatment of dogs and cats health is integral to them living a long happy life. Unlike other flea products that can be toxic, ours is made with 100% natural, safe, chemical free, non-toxic ingredients that are even safe to ingest. Creating a safer product for your dog, your cat, your children, and you.


Fight Fleas Fast

Simply squirt 1ml (a full pipette) of solution onto the back of your pets neck daily for 1 week giving them the advantage to repel fleas, ticks, lice and mites without discomfort. The best method to get rid of dog fleas.


Stop Fleas from Returning

Easily fight future flea infestations, you only need to squirt 1ml onto the back of your pets neck per week. Meaning that this 100ml bottle will last over a year. Get rid of dog fleas permanently.


For Pets of All Sizes and Breeds

Designed to be the frontline of defence, guaranteed to work, no matter what size your pet is, large or small.


Happiness Guarantee

This 100ml bottle will last you 1-2 years, is veterinarian & groomer recommended, will help you with the prevention of worry about your pets health, and offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you and your pet are not 100% satisfied.


Directions For Use For Immediate Control and Prevention

Drop 1ml on the back of the neck daily for 1 week for immediate control

Drop 1 ml on back of the neck weekly for prevention


Flea Treatment Benefits

  • All natural, chemical free & non-toxic
  • Fight fleas, ticks & lice
  • Use regularly to stop them returning
  • Powerful & fast acting
  • For dogs & cats of all ages & sizes


Flea Treatment for Dogs Ingredients List

  • Quassia bark extract in a tinctured organic cider vinegar base
  • with lemongrass & lavender essential oils
  • We only use specialist pet friendly oils that are safe for animals (including all dogs and cats)
  • produced using distillation


Win The Fight Against Fleas

  • Lick safe, non toxic and chemical free
  • All natural ingredients
  • Preservative and chemical free
  • Cruelty free and made in the UK


All Natural Flea Treatment for Dogs Made In The UK

We're proudly UK based and helping support UK business whilst protecting your pets. Finally an all natural flea treatment for dogs that's UK made!

At The Healthy Dog Co, we wanted to make a 100% natural product without all the 'nasties'.

So we created a traditional nontoxic, safe, and effective product containing only natural ingredients that are 100% safe and effective.

We believe that pets deserve to have better, healthier products... and I'm sure you agree!

So hit ADD TO BASKET and help your pet live a healthier, happier life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be used for pregnant dogs?

Yes it can be used on pregnant bitches.


Is there the possibility of over loading?

As with all treatments, there is the possibility of over loading if used in exactly the same spot every time over a long period of time. The best way to use it is to use a different spot near by and rotate each time. The best way is to imagine a square on the back of the neck and rotate clockwise from one corner to the next each time the product is used.


What should I do if it’s not working?

In the case of an infestation other than washing and combing with a tight tooth comb, my advice is to replace or wash dog bedding-blankets, and wash and treat carpets in the house and soft furnishings. The house has to be treated as well as the dog or the cycle is not broken. The flea drops can take a little while to work as they are natural and need to build up and not as instant as chemical products. Also avoid walks in the woods or fields until they are clear to reduce contact with more.


Can I drop it directly onto fleas?

Yes , drop directly onto fleas for quick release.


Why is it the same dose for big and small dogs?

You are treating the fleas, not the dog. Unlike chemical based products, the dosage is not dependent on the size of the animal.


21 reviews for All Natural Flea Treatment For Dogs & Cats

  1. J. Mitchell

    Seems to work to keep a reinfestation happening, but I had to use stronger chemicals (unfortunately) to get rid of the initial problem. I’ve been using this weekly on both dogs and the cat and we’ve not had any repeat fle issues thankfully.
    Highly recommended.

  2. Barbarella

    Very easy to apply. I am hoping it’s working. Still trying to clear live pests.
    It wont last a year ..I’m using daily, on more than one pet. Fingers crossed. Vacuuming and spraying too.

  3. Michelle

    Not really had long enough to review but good value

  4. Geoff (verified owner)

    Great product been using on my dog for some years would recommend thanks

  5. nicola

    Got mine today only just used it but if it works good price for 12 months and will get agen wene time comes

  6. C M Horsfall

    Easy to use

  7. Georgina Russan

    Was advised to try your product. I am on the first week so i will see how things prigress. Easy to use and does not smell to bad which is great.

  8. sylvia hard

    I bought this product to send to my daughter in Tunisia who rescues animals. There is nothing suitable over there so the animals suffer. I cant give to any feedback but im sure she will let me know how she gets on then I can order more

  9. S Gull

    Just started to use it. Doesn’t smell like some of the products on the market! Will wait and see if it works . Wanted to try a natural product instead of pumping my dogs with chemicals.

  10. Vim

    Great product. I’d recommend doubling up with a edible reppellent and grooming with a flea comb every 2 months (less if your cat loves it – use a spray in grooming area to kill the eggs or drop lots of salt, it dehydrates the larvae when eggs hatch – do this even if you groom outdoors – fleas are expert pet finders). Pro tip – fleas started collecting around cats forehead & face where this doesn’t reach. Use empty pipette to stroke along forehead and base of ears and whiskers – empty so no drops trickle into eyes ears or mouth but the light residue on the pipette is enough to make it an uncomfortable hiding place. My cat had scratched her face until she was bleeding because of this uncomfortable new nesting spot they had picked. I had been planning on doing a summer shampoo but it seems I may not need to. We’ll see as flea peak season arrives.

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