All Natural Household Flea Fighter

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Use Safely Everywhere - Beds, Carpets, Sofas


Fight Fleas All Year Round


Powerful 100% Natural Ingredients

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All Natural Flea Fighter for Dogs & Cats



Unlike almost all other household flea spray products and treatments on the market, we have no toxins, chemicals or pesticides that can seriously harm the health of you, your children, your pets and the environment. Our powerful herbal formula is 100% natural, safe, chemical free, non-toxic, and even safe to ingest. Creating a safer product for everyone. Helping you, your dogs and cats to live a long happy life.



Simply spray on the required area. Fleas have a 3 day cycle from laying the egg to the egg hatching, so when fleas are present we would advise using every 3rd day for 9 days to break the infestation cycle, hoovering every day.



During flea season we would advise dog beds / carpets / rugs be sprayed once a week to repel fleas and prevent them laying eggs.



Designed to be the front line of defence, guaranteed to work, use it on your carpets, beds, dog beds, car seats, rugs, blankets. Anywhere you want. It is delicate on fabrics and leaves a fresh, light lemongrass scent. With no poisonous, chemical cloud!



This 500ml bottle will last you months! It is veterinarian & groomer recommended, will help you with the prevention of worry about your pets health, and offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you and your pet are not 100% satisfied.


Made In The UK

Lick safe, non toxic and chemical free All natural ingredients Chemical free Cruelty free and made in the UK


Win The Fight Against Fleas At Last!

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4 reviews for All Natural Household Flea Fighter

  1. Kat

    Perfect spray. No issues with fleas at all anymore. Smells refreshing too.

  2. Findlay

    It does what it says on the tub, its easy to use, and used in conjunction with the shampoo gives piece of mind…

  3. gemma

    Smells lovely. Just need more in the bottle.

  4. Melissa

    Can’t say it kills fleas as we haven’t got any on the dog or the house but purchased as a preventative to stop any creepy crawlers that may come in through shoes and pets in the summer months. Recently sprayed round a bedroom whilst giving a spring clean. Doesn’t have an awful strong smell like many others do. Smells natural and smell doesn’t linger in the room either. Sprayed all round the room and barely used any so the bottle goes a long way too!

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