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Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath?

By :Barbara Rivers 0 comments
Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath?

As a canine pet owner, have you ever asked the following question? Why has my dog got bad breath? If so, you are far from alone. Despite the bad rap of having stinky breath, dogs do not normally have an offensive breath odour. This means that the source of the odorous breath is something that should be investigated as this usually indicates an underlying problem. When a dog has bad breath all of the sudden, there are several reasons as to the cause.

Why Does My Dog's Breath Smell Bad?

Many first-time dog owners typically find themselves asking their vet to explain what causes bad breath in dogs. There are many common causes of pet halitosis or bad/foul breath that may include:

  • Dental Disease - plaque buildup, cavities, gum disease or rotting teeth
  • Something Caught In-Between Teeth
  • Dietary Reasons
  • Poor Dental Hygiene
  • Active Infection
  • Other Underlying Health Conditions

Fortunately, the above possible reasons for sudden, transitional or chronic stinky breath odour of your pooch can often be treated effectively if the problem is caught early enough and diagnosed properly.

Is Bad Breath in Dogs a Sign of Illness?

As already state, there are several possible dog bad breath causes. Before initiating treatment, the exact cause of the odour must first be determined. Bad breath in a dog does not necessarily mean that they have an illness. After ruling out dental disease or other dental issues, the next thing that should be ruled out is an underlying illness.

Some common diseases that may cause offensive breath odour in a dog include:

  • Diabetes
  • Liver Problems
  • Kidney Disease
  • Oral Tumor
  • Infection
  • Other Cancers or Health Conditions

Each of the above illnesses will smell differently and will need different treatment measures.


Just like in humans, dogs can develop diabetes. Doctors know that a distinctive sweet fruity breath odour can be a prime warning sign of diabetes. This smell is caused by excess glucose, or sugar, concentrations in the blood that the body cannot metabolise. Diabetics can't break down the necessary glucose that food and beverages transform into as a source of body energy fuel.

Liver Problems

Veterinarians caution that liver problems in dogs can result in an unusually foul and funky breath odour that is many more times worse than the bad-smelling periodontal disease that is more common in canine breeds.

Along with the unforgettable stinky breath odour, liver disease will typically present with accompanying signs of liver trouble that include jaundice, weight or appetite changes, vomiting or changes in bowel colour and form. Jaundice is a distinct yellowing of tissues like the corneas of the eye and the oral gums in dogs. In humans, jaundice also results in yellowing of the skin as well.

Kidney Disease

Kidney disease in a dog can be detected with the notice of a strong ammonia smell emitting from your pooch's mouth. As in humans, the kidneys are responsible for filtering out and eliminating left-behind toxins in the body through urination.

Other accompanying symptoms of kidney disease in a dog include lethargy, pale gums, a significant weight loss without a known cause and a chemical scent that lingers on the pet's breath. Vomiting, lack of appetite and changes in urine volume and water intake are other signs indicative of kidney malfunction.


A cancerous tumour inside the oral cavity of a dog may result in a pungent breath odour that has been likened to the stink of rotting vegetables. Cancer cells multiply rapidly and often die off as a result of poor oxygen supply. This necrotic tissue is the source of the foul breath odour.

Halitosis in Dogs: How Do You Get Rid of Dog Bad Breath?

Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath_The Healthy Dog Co

Narrowing down the reasons for bad breath in dogs can help ensure that the treatment initiated will be effective. A veterinarian will often order certain blood tests to help in this endeavour. This helps to rule in or out specific underlying disease processes that may be present. There are some fantastic treatment options for resolving halitosis in dogs.

Preventive and Treatment Measures

To find out the most likely dog bad breath causes, type the following question into your Internet search engine: Why does my dog have bad breath? A list of halitosis remedies should come up.

Common preventive and treatment measures to eliminate bad breath in your beloved pet dog may include:

  • Getting Regular Dental Exams
  • Treatment for Any Found Dental or Periodontal Disease or Problem
  • Antibiotics to Clear Any Infection Present
  • Paying Better Attention to Your Pet's Oral Hygiene
  • Initiating Treatment for Any Found Underlying Disease
  • Pulling Out Bad Teeth Under Anesthesia if Necessary
  • Professional Tooth Cleaning Under Anesthesia at Vet's Office
  • Changing Diet to Eliminate Known Odour Causing Foods
  • Use of Plague Removing Dental Foods
  • Regular Manual Teeth Cleaning by Pet Owner - Preferably with Electric Toothbrush
  • Use of Meat Strips or Other Chew-Encouraging Item
  • Use of Gels & Water Additives & Other Products to Resolve/Prevent Periodontal Disease & Gingivitis

Consider Utilizing Reliable Dog breath Products for Pets

At The Healthy Dog Co, we offer a wide range of dog breath products for pets, from our dog breath freshener to our Probiotics and digestive enzymes. Starting your pup early on effective dental plaque remover for dogs can help prevent later periodontal disease that can lead to bad breath.

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Final Thoughts

The age-old question of why does my dog have bad breath is finally answered. Understanding the reasons for bad breath in dogs can determine effective solutions. Read more information that answers the question of why has my dog got bad breath here. Then browse these simple methods of getting rid of stinky dog breath too. Usually, the most common causes of bad breath are due to something being stuck in a dogs mouth, once removed use our dog breath freshener to help clear up and bad smell. If your dog has a build-up of plaque why not try our all natural plaque remover for dogs.

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