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Dog Types and Breeds

By :Barbara Rivers 0 comments
Dog Types and Breeds

As you’ve noticed, dogs come in all sizes

There are dogs that are so huge they need their own zip code, and dogs that are so tiny that they fit into a teacup.

There are dogs with hair that is long and flowing, and dogs that have almost no hair at all.

There are dogs with big floppy ears, and dogs with tiny little ears that stand straight up, dogs have long tails and short tails.

All of these factors and others are determined by the type and breed or mix of breeds that they are.

Dogs inherit traits from their ancestors just like we do

When a Boston bulldog is mated with another Boston bulldog, the puppies will look like Boston bulldogs.

Down through the millennia, dogs were bred to reproduce certain traits.

These traits were determined by the needs of the humans they lived with, the climate they lived in, and the jobs that they were expected to perform.

As a result of all of this selective breeding that’s taken place over the centuries, we have dogs of different types and different breeds.

Some dogs thrive in cold weather. They pull sleds and assist the humans who live in the cold climate in many ways. These dogs wouldn’t survive long on a tropical island.

On the other hand, there are dogs that thrive in warm climates and are excellent swimmers.

Within the various “types” of dogs, there are sometimes many different breeds

For example, working-dog breeds are as diverse as the Alaskan Malamute and the Australian sheepdog. Both are classified as “working dogs,” but they work in different ways and in different climates.

When you choose a dog as a pet, it’s important that you consider the type and breed.

You should choose a dog that will fit into your lifestyle and thrive in the climate where you live.

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