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Puppy Potty Training

By :Barbara Rivers 0 comments
Puppy Potty Training

Potty training a puppy is much easier than potty training a child, because a puppy will “go” at very predictable times.

When you know how to predict the times that the puppy is going to empty his bowels or bladder, you can teach him where an acceptable place to do so is.

You can prevent a lot of spots on your carpet as well as a lot of “rubbed noses,” raised voices, and “no, no bad dog” conversations with your new best friend if you can potty train him quickly, effectively, and permanently.

Good to know: Very young puppies will empty their bladders immediately when they wake after a nap.

Puppies are like human babies in many ways

They nap often because they are growing so fast.

If you pay attention and the moment the puppy wakes, you set him on a newspaper or take him outdoors, he will quickly learn that the newspaper or outdoors is the place that is acceptable for him to empty his bladder.

Very young puppies will also empty their bladders immediately after they’ve played hard. It’s predictable.

If the puppy has chased a ball or played tug-of-war, the moment the game ends, he will empty his bladder.

Put him on the newspaper or take him outdoors.

Puppies and dogs don’t “speak” a language, but they do understand sign language, and putting them on the newspaper or taking them outdoors is sign language.

Puppies empty their bowels immediately after they eat - every time! Don’t leave food down for your puppy to eat at will.

Feed your puppy twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

He will empty his bowels each time after he eats.

Put him on the newspaper or take him outside immediately after he eats, and you’ll never have a smelly mess to clean up.

A puppy is predictable; you have to be predictable and diligent as well.

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