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Caring for Little Dogs

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Caring for Little Dogs

Small dogs are still dogs

They may be cute as a “bug’s ear,” and their tiny statue might make them seem like puppies forever, but they aren’t puppies forever.

Even if they are very small, they still grow up to be grown dogs.

But small-breed dogs do need care that fills their needs.

They are dogs, but they aren’t exactly the same as large-breed dogs.

First of all, small-breed dogs tend to live much longer than the larger breeds.

You can expect a small-breed dog to live at least 15 years, and many of them live much longer.

I have a tiny toy poodle that’s almost 19 years old and the vet just gave him a clean bill of health.

So the first thing to consider is your commitment level before you buy a small dog. Remember, the responsibility for this tiny creature is going to last a long, long time.

People who own tiny little dogs tend to carry them rather than letting them walk. But even though they are tiny and have short little legs, those legs and the body attached to them need exercise.

Little dogs have little stomachs

They can’t eat enough at one feeding each day to supply them with all of the nutrition that their bodies need.

Very small dogs need to be fed two or three times daily, but each feeding needs to be only half or a third of the amount you’d feed him if you fed him only once a day.

There are far too many overweight small dogs out there.

Floating kneecaps, hypoglycemia, heart murmur, and collapsing trachea are all health issues that are more common in small dogs than in larger breeds.

You need to educate yourself so that you’ll recognise the symptoms if your small-breed dog develops any of these problems or any other health problems.

Small dogs are terrific pets.

They don’t take up much space, but they have big generous hearts!

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