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Cat Tail Meanings: Decoding Your Cat's Tail Language

By :Barbara Rivers 0 comments
Cat Tail Meanings:  Decoding Your Cat's Tail Language

Though cats can sleep 20 hours per day, that doesn't mean they have nothing to say. Along with their meows, purrs, and other types of communication, you can learn much about your cat by its tail. In fact, once you understand cat tail meanings, you'll know whether your cat is happy, sad, mad, or even bored. In some situations, cats tail signals indicate a physical problem, which is why you may want to visit a veterinarian for a professional opinion. If you're ready to unlock the mysteries behind those wags, twitches, and other movements, here's everything you've wanted to know about your cat and its tail.

Understanding Your Cat's Tail: The Basics

In case you didn't know, your cat's tail is actually an extension of its spine. Also, you may have noticed some types of cats, such as the Manx, have almost no tail at all, making it even trickier to decipher their thoughts and feelings. In addition, your cat uses its tail to help with balancing, running and jumping, and changing direction, proving the tail is even more important to your cat than you imagined. Yet through it all, your cat's tail meaning can imply many things based on the tail's position and other factors.

Cat Tail Positions: What Do They Mean?

Just as humans use body language to convey their thoughts and feelings to others, cats do the same with their tails. For example, when a cat's tail is held straight up, you have a happy and confident feline. Yet should your kitty's tail be hooked to resemble a question mark, this can mean it is either feeling playful, has its doubts about something, or maybe stressed out due to not feeling well.

Cat Tail Meanings_The Healthy Dog Co

When your cat is seated or curled up asleep, you may notice its tail will be curled around its body. As for this cat's tail meaning, it can signal a cat that is nervous, or simply one that wants to be left alone for a while. Should your cat wrap its tail around you or another animal, this signals love and affection, so you should feel honoured. In some cases, you'll see your cat display a loose and wagging tail, which shows they are feisty and focused on something, such as a toy or prey.

If you see a tail that is going from side to side with a quick flick, these cats tail signals mean aggression, frustration, and perhaps fear, meaning you need to back off. When a cat is being bitten by fleas or has other health issues, you may notice this more frequently. When a tail is held straight back, this usually shows a cat is relaxed, although it can also mean suspicion or that your cat is engaged in some serious thinking at that moment. Finally, a puffed-up or bristled tail means your cat is preparing for battle, while a tucked tail signals fright, insecurity, or possibly pain and suffering from an injury.

Your Cat's Tail Language: Consider Other Factors

Cat Tail Meanings_The Healthy Dog Co

While it takes time and effort to become a skilled interpreter of the feline language, you can do quite well if you consider the cat tail meanings and other factors together. For example, listen to your cat's vocalisations to see if it is purring or growling, and also notice if its posture is relaxed or seems to be ready for a fight. Along with these factors, look closely at your cat's eyes and ears. When a cat is relaxed, its eyes are soft and blinking, while an agitated kitty will have eyes that are wide-open and staring straight ahead. Finally, calm kitties have ears facing forward, while fearful or unsettled kitties will have their ears pointed backwards.

By paying close attention to tail positions, verbal, and non-verbal cues, you'll soon be fully fluent in the feline language, guaranteeing you and your feline friend will become even closer than you are today.

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