All Natural Paw Nose & Skin Balm

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All Natural Dog & Cat Paw, Nose and Skin Balm Soother
Cream Moisturiser For Pets Dry and Cracked Skin
Care For Itchy Feet Pads
Great For Paws in Hot & Cold Weather


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You Love Your Pets and We Want to Help You Keep Them Healthy!


100% natural ingredients ensure your pet’s safety! It’s a food grade ointment with a chemical free compound, safe for licking. We made it harmless to relieve your worries knowing how much you love your pet.


Crafted from healthy and nourishing oils, butter and wax, this balm is a multi-purpose solution to care for paws, noses, and skin. Reach for this tin every time!


Nourish and enrich your pet’s skin with our soft-as-lotion salve. Formulated for skin cracking, scratches, cuts. It is also great at creating a barrier on paws to help against hot pavements, rock salt and ice.


To deter your pet from licking the balm cream off, we created this made in the UK blend to be odourless and as unflavoured as possible. Scented varieties can bother pets, causing them to lick off the protective balm barrier, but they’ll leave ours in place, allowing it to penetrate deeply and restore health to their skin.


Use all year to keep paws in top condition. Especially useful in the harsh winter to protect against the effects of snow and in the summer to ease against heat related irritations.

Made In The UK

At The Healthy Dog Co we developed a butter soft balm to keep your pets skin, noses and paws supple and smooth! Apply daily so they’ll have no more irritating abrasions or cracks in their skin!

Fast, Safe Care!

If your special dog or cat has dry skin, help them fast with our specially formulated balm! It’s a nourishing blend of all natural oils and butters known for their amazing skin enriching properties!

Safe Ingredients for Delicate Digestive Systems!

This effective and luxurious salve is blended from superior food-grade safe ingredients! We use olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, candelilla wax, mango and shea butters with no artificial preservatives or fragrances. Our balm offers premium protection from the elements to keep your pet’s skin hydrated and soft!

Easy Application, Even for Squirmy Dogs and Cats!

For best results, rub the balm 1-2 times per day into your pet’s skin, nose or paws during snack time while your pet is distracted. The odor-free balm is irritation free and won’t cause your pet to lick it off, but in the event he does, it’s a safe formula for ingesting.

It’s the Best Pet Balm for Dogs!

Purchase your All Natural Paw, Nose and Skin Balm Butter by Healthy Dog Co today! If you do, you’ll be choosing the most effective, non-toxic blend on the market! And your dogs and cats deserve the best! Click BUY NOW ON AMAZON today!

4 reviews for All Natural Paw Nose & Skin Balm

  1. Valentina

    Funziona davvero, lascia la pelle arrossata del mio cane morbida e calma il prurito, sul naso non riesco a metterla perché se la mangia, ha un buon profumo

  2. Linda Salisbury

    The product was good for its purpose.

  3. karen shepherd

    Great Product does exactly what it says on the tin highly recommend

  4. Linda Stevenson

    Love this and it works and softens my dogs paw as she has a cleft (lobster) paw and gets hard skin on the pads and they can crack

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