All Natural Pamper Pack Bundle

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1 x All Natural Shampoo – Baby Powder Scent

  • Gentle Formula – No Tears, No Sting
  • Cleans, Nourishes & Conditions
  • Keeps Your Dog Smelling Wonderfully Fresh

1 x All Natural Dog Cologne – Baby Powder Scent

  • Help Keep Your Dog Smelling Fresh
  • Conditions Your Dog’s Coat
  • All Natural, Safe, Gentle & Non-Toxic

1 x All Natural Plaque Clean

  • Remove & Prevent Plaque & Tartar Build Up
  • Helps Reduce Bad Breath & Oral Bacteria
  • Balances Acids In The Gut

1 x All Natural Paw Nose & Skin Balm

  • Sooth & Moisturise Itchy, Dry Or Cracked Skin
  • Great For Paws In Extreme Hot Or Cold Weather
  • Unscented For Less Licking & Biting

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4 x Powerful And Natural Products To Pamper Your Pooch!

This Woofing Great Pamper Pack Bundle includes:

1 x All Natural Dog Shampoo – Baby Powder Scent
1 x All Natural Dog Cologne – Baby Powder Scent
1 x All Natural Plaque Clean
1 x All Natural Paw Nose & Skin Balm



Smells like a baby fresh scent with an addictive floral bouquet which creates a delicious dogs perfume. The pet friendly essential oils create a long lasting scent that can make a huge difference by not just covering the odour but also eliminating it.

Find out more about our All Natural Baby Powder Scented Dog Shampoo



We all love our dogs, but sometimes they are stinky, and sometimes you don’t have the time for a bath. Our dog cologne is designed to remove and replace bad odours and keep your dog smelling good until the next bath. It also helps combat that wet dog smell straight after a bath. Letting you get close to your dog again, put him on your lap or sofa without worries, and create a more welcoming home for guests.

Find out more about our All Natural Baby Powder Scented Dog Cologne



When ingested it is absorbed into the bloodstream where it makes its way into the saliva, giving it the ability to soften and dissolve tartar and making it easy to get plaque off. It also helps to prevent more from forming, saving your pet from painful dental issues and saving you money on vet bills.

Find out more about our All Natural Plaque Cleaner



Nourish and enrich your pet’s skin with our soft-as-lotion salve. Formulated for skin cracking, scratches, cuts. It is also great at creating a barrier on paws to help against hot pavements, rock salt and ice. 100% natural ingredients ensure your pet’s safety! It’s a food grade ointment with a chemical free compound, safe for licking. We made it harmless to relieve your worries knowing how much you love your pet.

Find out more about our All Natural Paw Nose & Skin Balm


5 reviews for All Natural Pamper Pack Bundle

  1. Sam

    All Natural Dog Shampoo – Baby Powder Scent
    Our Lola is pretty much the princess in the house. Since she is a white bichon, she needs regular wash/bath. She gets a feet wash after every walk, being given she is sleeping in our bed.
    But she also gets a full wash in every 3-4 weeks, thankfully she LOVES water. We used a different dog shampoo for 2 years, but we decided that is time for a change. Got the baby powder scented shampoo.
    Is a 500ml bottle, our previous one was 1 liter and was enough for 2 years, so this probably is enough for a year, for which the price of just under £15 is pretty decent.
    Is made from all natural ingredients which is awesome, so we don’t need to panic when it goes into her eyes a tiny bit. The downside is, since it all natural ingredients, it’s not foaming a lot, so we ended up using a bit more then we usually used from the previous dog shampoo.
    Also when we bathed her, she didn’t smell good at all, was nothing like baby powder scent, but we thought is normal as the previous shampoo was the same. Only smelled lovely when doggo was fully dry.

  2. Mark D

    All Natural Dog Shampoo – Baby Powder Scent:
    My mum’s golden doodle, Poppy, has a fondness for muddy puddles. Where she’s got this behaviour from I’m not certain because my mum certainly doesn’t go splashing around in mud! She is a beautiful good doggo, however (Poppy, that is, not my mum), so much is forgiven when it comes to her misdeeds.

    The Christmas Day rabbit-chasing fiasco will live long in the memory, struggling as we did in the dying light of midafternoon to get her back on her lead. Again, I’m talking about Poppy.

    What doesn’t stick around like a bad smell is the bad smell Poppy comes home with from her countryside excursions because she’s gone straight for a bath with this shampoo. It lathers well, is easy to rinse out and she has come out clean, fluffy and smelling gorgeous. Poppy, that is.

    Why it is dogs dislike the idea of having a bath and getting clean when they like jumping in rivers and puddles one will never know. But she says she’s clean now and smells lovely. That was my mum who said that, not Poppy.

  3. Sarah Winsor

    All Natural Dog Cologne – Baby Powder Scent:
    I am so happy with this all natural dog cologne. I’ve always wanted to try one but I could never find one without toxic chemicals in them. This is the first natural one I’ve seen. It smells amazing and my dog’s coat is becoming softer due to the argon oil.

  4. Linda Stevenson

    All Natural Paw Nose & Skin Balm:
    Love this and it works and softens my dogs paw as she has a cleft (lobster) paw and gets hard skin on the pads and they can crack


    All Natural Plaque Clean:
    It easy to use my dog is not quite shore with the it takes him a bit longer than normal to eat his food but i think it s working

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