All Natural No Chew – Extra Bitter Apple Spray

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Stop & Redirect Bad Chewing Habits


Lick Safe, No Sting, No Stain, Non-Sticky


Great For Training Puppies & Kittens

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All Natural NO CHEW Extra Bitter Apple Dog Spray



Unlike other sprays our 100% natural bitter apple cat and dog training spray is safe, gentle, non toxic, chemical free, paraben free, and cruelty free, to help your pet live a longer, healthier, happier life. Our extra bitter apple spray for dogs and cats is made with using a unique formulation of highly concentrated apple sour extract proven to work as a chew repellent.



This kitten and puppy training spray is great for training puppies and kittens to stop biting, chewing, licking and scratching furniture, shoes, wires, clothes, or anywhere else you need a deterrent pet spray for.



Whether you need it for your dog, cat, rabbit, rodent, hamster, kitten or puppy, pets cannot stand the taste and will be encouraged not to chew the desired object. You can then redirect them to chew their own toys instead.



As a 100% natural product made with food grade ingredients, you can be safe in the knowledge that it is completely lick safe, no sting, no stain, and non sticky so you can use it on any objects or furniture that you desire.



It’s not just a spray to stop dogs chewing. As an added bonus it is 100% safe to apply directly onto your animal to discourage them from biting their fur, skin, and dressing from injuries or wounds.

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1 review for All Natural No Chew - Extra Bitter Apple Spray

  1. Amy

    I’ve tried a few of these for my puppy training to stop chewing and the cheap ones just don’t work. But this extra bitter apple dog spray is great. My dog loves to chew my pencils, but after a quick spray with this she sniffed it, licked it (and was pretty disgusted), and then turned and walked away. I’ve never seen her do this before, ever! And it’s 100% natural. What a great solution!

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