All Natural Joint Genie

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All Natural Safe, Gentle & Non-Toxic


For Healthy Joints Hips, Cartilage & Tendons


Helps Maintain Good Mobility & Reduced Stiffness

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Keep Your Pet Happy, Healthy and Mobile


Our unique combination of natural ingredients has been developed over many years for prize winning show dogs to assist with poor mobility, joint, hip and muscle issues, and general age related conditions.


Being a liquid, it is absorbed into the bloodstream much quicker than traditional dog vitamins and supplements. This is great for quickly targeting the discomfort of recent issues or long term conditions for joints.


The unique ingredients help to break down the crystallisation inside joints to increase their ability to naturally lubricate within the body. This includes powerful devils claw and turmeric for dogs and cats.


Much healthier and easier to administer than the pain of getting your pet to take tablets, pills, treats, capsules and powder. Simply squirt 1 full pipette into your pets mouth or onto their food once or twice daily, depending on their size. Can be used every hour if needed.


Care for your dogs and cats by providing them with the best treatment you can and help them live a long happy life.

Made In The UK

All Natural Ingredients

All the ingredients are naturally sourced from nature. With no chemicals, toxins, or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Assists With Joint Issues

Assists with joint and hip pain, stiffness, muscle, cartilage and tendon issues

Improve Mobility

Help your pet live a happier, healthier life with more mobility and less joint and hip issues while reducing inflammation.

Healthy, Fast & Powerful

Designed for short-term and long-term relief for all ages and sizes of dogs and cats.

How To Use Joint Genie Joint Aid For Dogs & Cats

Dogs over 10kg:

Place one full squeeze of the pipette directly into your dogs mouth or add to their food twice daily.

Small Dogs and Cats (under 10kg):

Place one full squeeze of the pipette directly into their mouth or add to their food once daily.

Quick Relief:

You can use 1 full pipette every hour if animal is in severe pain. (4 times per day maximum)

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5 reviews for All Natural Joint Genie

  1. MagpieMag

    This stuff is miraculous. I had to take my senior dog off Metacam as it was making him very ill but he could barely move because of the arthritis. He was fading fast and getting aggressive with the pain. I couldn’t therefore just squirt it directly into his mouth and he was refusing any food with it on. I have now learned that cocktail sausages are the answer! Just before feeding I give half a sausage hollowed out with a few drops of Joint Genie inside and he wolfs it down. Immediately afterwards I feed him as normal with the rest of the Joint Genie and the rest of the sausage mixed in. It goes down like a dream.

    I have tried so many other remedies over the years, most of which don’t make much difference, even when they promise miracles, but this is the best by a very long way. It takes effect very quickly and today I was able to walk him for 15 minutes and when we got home he wanted to play with his toy for the first time in ages. It must taste disgusting but perseverance has been worth the effort for my old boy.

  2. Kath

    It says it works quickly and it does. We saw improvement after the first dose, but thought it was wishful thinking, it wasn’t. In under a week Suzie’s limp has almost disappeared and she runs up and down the stairs chasing her ball as she used to. We can’t recommend this product highly enough.

  3. Mrs W.

    My cat would not take the food at first but I tried again as she was so arthritic and she is much better. Im hoping that this will be better than giving pain killers. My cat is 22 years old and I am glad this has worked for her.

  4. BabyGirl

    Well. I’m amazed at how quick this worked. And yes it does help with my baby’s mobility. She’s a Goldie Oldie and has Arthritis. Bless her. But Pleased to say she wants to go to her favourite park again.

  5. susan

    Before i got this my old dog was struggling to get around, Arthritis in her hips and knees, they were swollen but now they are ok, she enjoys a little walk and a trot, i can see on her face she is a lot happier. When it runs out i will order another one

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