All Natural Fresh Breath Bundle

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1 x All Natural Fresh Breath

  • 100% Natural – For Minty Fresh Breath
  • Helps Maintain Good Oral Health
  • Fight Plaque, Tartar, Gut Disease & Tooth Decay

1 x All Natural Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes

  • Supports Digestive Health & Good Gut Bacteria
  • Firms Loose Stools & Hardens Soft Stools
  • Naturally Reduces Excess Wind

1 x All Natural Plaque Clean

  • Remove & Prevent Plaque & Tartar Build Up
  • Helps Reduce Bad Breath & Oral Bacteria
  • Balances Acids In The Gut

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This Refreshing The Ruff Breath Bundle Includes:

1 x All Natural Fresh Breath
1 x All Natural Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes
1 x All Natural Plaque Clean


Non Toxic, Safe and Effective Minty Fresh Breath

What you put in your dogs mouth is important and should be 100% natural, free from chemicals, safe and good for their health. With our all natural, food grade ingredients you never have to worry. Your dog will have lovely fresh breath, increased oral protection and will benefit from the added health boost of the product ingredients themselves.

Find out more about our All Natural Breath Freshener for Dogs


Digestive Enzymes for Better Digestion & Immunity

Our Digestive Enzymes for dogs helps balance good gut bacteria and improve digestive function and immunity while improving nutrient absorption from food. It can also help stimulate healthy cell growth and support normal detoxification.

Find out more about our All Natural Digestive Enzymes for Dogs


All Natural Plaque Remover for Dogs

Keep your dog and cats teeth healthy and clean with our unique combination of all natural marine and floral herbs specially chosen for their ability to remove plaque and tartar build up, freshen breath, fight gum disease, prevent tooth loss and keep your dogs and cats healthy and free from pain. Many would agree, our formula is the best dog and cat teeth cleaning product!

Find out more about our All Natural Plaque Remover for Dogs

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5 reviews for All Natural Fresh Breath Bundle

  1. Heather

    All Natural Fresh Breath
    Brilliant product. Leaves my mutt’s breath minty fresh and, best of all, he actually likes it! Not sure how good it is for removing plaque – we have just had to pay for an op to remove the tartar along with five of his teeth, so I am hoping it does keep the plaque deposits down. We shall see.

  2. mrs ellen m yeowart

    All Natural Fresh Breath
    This product is great for your pets and breath, my dog want keen to start with ,but is ok now and I also use it in her drinking water.
    But if the problem continues you should seek a vet’s advice

  3. David P

    All Natural Plaque Clean
    This is an excellent product and It produced a positive result inside 48 hours! Even though the promised 1mil measuring spoon wasn’t in the package I would still highly recommend the supplement.

  4. Deborah

    All Natural Plaque Clean
    Can’t believe how well this works and my dog seems to love it

  5. Miss P.

    All Natural Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes
    Highly recommend if you furby has digestive issues.
    My boy was very thin to the point you could count his ribs now he as a figure

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