All Natural Flea Pack Bundle

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1 x All Natural Flea Fighter

  • Repels and Kills Fleas, Ticks and Lice
  • Fast Acting Long Term Protection
  • Powerful, Natural, Non-Toxic Ingredients

1 x All Natural Household Flea Fighter

  • Use Safely Everywhere – Beds, Carpets, Sofas
  • Fight Fleas All Year Round
  • Powerful 100% Natural Ingredients

1 x All Natural Flea Shampoo

  • Fight Fleas Safely – 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Fast Acting Long Term Protection
  • Conditions & Freshens with Lemongrass Scent

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The 100% Natural Way To Fight Fleas
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This Woofing Great Flea Pack Bundle Includes:

1 x All Natural Flea Fighter
1 x All Natural Household Flea Fighter
1 x All Natural Flea Shampoo


Fight Fleas Fast

With the most natural and effective way to beat fleas, ticks and lice for dogs & cats. Easily fight future flea infestations, you only need to squirt 1ml onto the back of your pets neck per week. Meaning that this 100ml bottle will last over a year!

Find out more about our powerful All Natural Flea Fighter


Household Spray for Multiple Surfaces

Designed to be the front line of defence, guaranteed to work, use it on your carpets, beds, dog beds, car seats, rugs, blankets. Anywhere you want. It is delicate on fabrics and leaves a fresh, light lemongrass scent. With no poisonous, chemical cloud. The all natural flea remedy for dogs or cats!

Find out more about our Natural Household Flea Spray


Kill Fleas Fast With our Flea Shampoo for Dogs

The advantage of our dog flea shampoo is to quickly get rid of fleas, ticks, lice, and mites without discomfort. And for continued prevention and control of a flea infestation simply use it to clean your pet regularly. Making for the perfect flea remedy for dogs and cats. No longer will you worry about getting rid of dog and cat fleas.

Find out more about our Natural Flea Shampoo for Dogs

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10 reviews for All Natural Flea Pack Bundle

  1. Katy

    All Natural Household Flea Fighter
    Smells so much better than other products. I was wary about spraying toxic chemicals all over my house, so went for this instead. Seems to work really well with our two cats and the smell is lovely. Definitely recommend.

  2. Pratap Makwana (Peter Mak)

    Spray a day makes life bearable. When pets about you can expect these pasts, then eliminations Are needed

  3. TJ

    All Natural Household Flea Fighter
    Best household flee spray to date. Compared to all the chemical ones I have used this All Natural flee spray appears to work better than any other chemical sprays we have tried in the past, no complaints, the only thing to note is that it is a wet spray compared to others but does dry and doesn’t leave any residue.

  4. Diane

    All Natural Flea Fighter
    Does what it says on the label good job

  5. charlotte lowe

    All Natural Flea Shampoo
    Amazing. Smells lovely and my cats fur was so soft and shiny and smelling lovely after and she’s a long hair domestic. 5*

  6. Kath Ahmed

    All Natural Flea Fighter
    great I put it on them all every week, their fur is in great condition and NO FLEAS, I can`t ask for more. wonderful.

  7. Marie&Adyxx

    All Natural Flea Fighter
    It works straight away killed flees I have a lot of animals including ferrets and it worked on all of them !!!!!

  8. Louise

    All Natural Flea Shampoo
    Worthwhile buy. Smells lovely.

  9. ben indge

    All Natural Flea Shampoo
    Absolutely fantastic. My ginger moggy has been struggling for a while for suspected mites. Tried frontline, collars and even a phone call to the vets for help and nothing worked. I thought I’d try a few different flea shampoos from amazon so I got a few but this was the first one I got to use… point trying the others, soothed his spots and instantly stopped scratching, mites came out with the shampoo leaving nothing behind.

  10. Linda K

    All Natural Flea Shampoo
    Bought for the cat, definitely repels fleas, and has helped soothe bites on my cats body, soothing the itching – Will buy again

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