All Natural Dog Ear Cleaner

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All Natural Dog Ear Cleaner
Works in 2-3 Days
Eliminates Smells, Itching & Discomfort
Voted the Best, Safest Dog Ear Wash For Dogs With Ear Wax, Dirt, Yeast & Mites



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Naturally Clean & Protect Your Dogs Delicate Ears


100% natural, chemical free, non toxic, biodegradable, plant based dog ear cleaner. Which uses the powerful anti-yeast cleaning properties of seven natural herbs.


Quickly eliminate ear wax buildup, mites, yeast, dirt, grime, smells, itching and irritations in as little as 2-3 days. Or use regularly for good ear maintenance. Made in UK.


Award winning PH balanced formulation to safely care for your dogs ears.


This will last you a long time, and it’s a much larger bottle than most competitors offer. It also comes with an easy to use applicator lid.


You are covered by our 60 day no questions asked refund policy.

Made In The UK

How To Use

Check the ears. If you see something unusual such as dark discharge, wounds or scabs then it would be best to speak to your vet before attempting to clean your dog’s ears. A normal ear will just have a light coating of wax and dirt.

Hold the ear so the ear canal is horizontal. Pour the solution into the ear canal until you can see the liquid. Don’t worry, you cannot over fill it.

Massage the base of the ear. You should hear a squelching sound. This is massaging the lower ear canal to work the wax and dirt loose.

Clean the ear with cotton wool. Only use q-tips to clean the outer areas of the ear. You can let your dog shake his head to get the rest of the solution out.

5 reviews for All Natural Dog Ear Cleaner

  1. Ascanio

    Ottimo per il mio labrador che ha sempre sofferto di infiammazione alle orecchie, dopo due tre volte già l’ododore di “prosciutto” non si sente più e non scuote più la testa….

  2. Babbina93

    Detergente ottimo per la cura delle orecchie del vostro amico a quattro zampe ! Profumo gradevole consistenza liquida simile si nostri detergenti . L ho comprato poiché il mio Labrador si grattava continuamente le orecchie e non c’era modo di riuscire a detergerle al meglio . Invogliata dalle numerose recensioni L ho acquistato e sono sododdisfatta , consiglio di non metterne troppo , al mio cane ha dato un po’ di fastidio la prima volta , adesso uso dei dischetti di ovatta che imbevo nel liquido e li passo delicatamente all interno facendo cadere qualche goccia di prodotto . Per un igiene generale lo uso una o due volte a settimana . CONSIGLIATO

  3. Miss D.

    Used for my westies ears. Westie is more comfortable with her ears now

  4. charles

    Has really helped our spaniel

  5. a.l

    nice smell ear cleaner

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