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La nostra missione.

La missione di The Healthy Dog Co è di creare prodotti di cui i proprietari di cani possano fidarsi per la salute dei loro animali domestici, producendo solo prodotti con ingredienti sani, sicuri e tutti naturali.

La nostra storia...

The Healthy Dog Co was created by Sally King after her dog Maxi suffered terrible health problems and sadly passed away.

The loss was devastating for Sally and she made it her mission to stop bad health affecting as many dogs as she can.

She found and worked together with the best vets, nutritionists and manufacturers to produce the highest quality dog health products on the market so other dogs will never have to suffer the same fate.

Sally now has a new dog, Lucy, who she loves with all her heart.

Sally non creerà mai un prodotto che non sarebbe felice di far usare a Lucy... e Lucy ha standard elevati


Our little poodle cross Bichon has suffered with scratching and nibbling for years. I couldn’t find any fleas or other pests. None of our other dogs, all the same breed, do not suffer with this. I have since gleaned it may be mites. I found this on Amazon and it was billed as killing mites as well as fleas. It , to my amazement, has worked. I give her a dose on the back of the neck every day for seven days and she is greatly relieved. I have to repeat every few weeks, but well worth it.

Mrs. Jean Sparkes

It says it works quickly and it does. We saw improvement after the first dose, but thought it was wishful thinking, it wasn’t. In under a week Suzie’s limp has almost disappeared and she runs up and down the stairs chasing her ball as she used to. We can’t recommend this product highly enough.


Fatto con ingredienti naturali al 100

Your pet is part of your family and you want to give them the healthiest and safest products you can, but many products on the market have hidden toxic ingredients that can impact their health causing you worry and confusion.

Like you, this made our founder Sally King very angry so she decided to do something about it, and The Healthy Dog Co was born.

Working with top animal health experts and manufacturers, Sally developed 100% natural, traditional herbal formulations using tinctures, herbs, flowers, fruits and pet friendly essential oils to replace every chemical based ingredient.

Così potete essere sicuri che tutti i nostri prodotti sono fatti usando ingredienti sicuri, sani e naturali al 100%, che sono potenti ed efficaci.