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Dog Grooming

By :Barbara Rivers 0 comments
Dog Grooming

All dogs must be groomed, not just those fancy shamancy show dogs, and not just indoor dogs that sleep in your bed.

Dog grooming doesn’t have to be a chore that you postpone for as long as possible.

Grooming can be a wonderful together experience for you and your best friend.

Neither you nor the dog should consider grooming a traumatic experience.

And grooming offers health benefits for both the dog and you!

Dogs with different coats have different grooming requirements.

For example, a short-haired dog really only needs to be brushed every two or three days, but dogs with long hair need to be brushed daily.

All dogs need to be bathed at least once each month and often more frequently.

Now for the basics:

Rule #1:

Do not let grooming traumatise the dog. Make grooming a pleasant experience and life will be easier for both of you. If at all possible, the grooming needs to take place where your dog is familiar with his surroundings. Strange places automatically raise a dog’s stress level.

Rule #2:

Use grooming products that are meant for dogs. Don’t use your shampoo or your kid’s shampoo on your dog. There are products that are made specifically for dogs. You can try our 6 in 1 All Natural Dog Shampoo here

Rule #3:

Brush your dog once every day or so. Long-haired dogs will get mats in their hair that are difficult to remove and sometimes must be cut out.

Rule #4:

Don’t overlook your dog’s teeth and ears. Just giving him a bath a brush and blow dry won’t do. You must brush his teeth and there are products available for a dog’s tooth care. A dog’s ears must also get some attention.

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