You may know the phrase, “a dog is a man’s best friend.” Part of that friendship is your dog is with you in the good times and bad. You can also show affection to your pet by petting your dog, whether it is sick, follows your commands, or wants cuddles. Though pets sometimes go with sickness that requires vet care, most of the time, dogs only want affection. That is part of the reason that answers the question, “why do dogs like to be pet?”

Human and Dog Connection

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Dogs and humans have been companions to one another for thousands upon thousands of years. Humans have found a way to communicate in a sense with dogs, while the opposite is also true. The most obvious form of communication is teaching your dog commands and your pet barking at you.

Petting your dog is another way that you can communicate with it. Pets are a form of appreciation and love. When you ask, “why do dogs like being petted,” communication is one of the reasons. A dog may even find ways to “pet” you in a sense, such as leaning against you or licking you.

Human and Dog Chemistry

Petting your dog is actually healthy for it. To start, when petting your dog, you are much more easily able to find fleas or even wounds your pet may have. If either is found you’ll want to take action immediately! You will also notice any areas on their paws or skin that are painful as your dog will welp when you pet it. If so, consider using our renowned dog paw balm to alleviate the pain.

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To know why do pets like to be petted and why you even feel relaxed, you have to understand the hormone chemistry. Your pet will release about 130% more oxytocin, and your body will bring out about 300% more after pets. Oxytocin can lighten your mood and make your pet feel happier.

So, Why Do Dogs like to be Petted?

The affection and love associated with petting your dog is the number one reason for the answer to the question, “why do dogs like to be petted?” Pets often come with treats, learning new tricks, play, and praise for doing a good thing. Dogs respond well to the more love and affection that they can receive. The attention gives them the motivation to want to learn and can lead to lower aggression levels.

What Do Dogs Feel When You Pet?

When you pet your dog, it just feels good to them. When considering “why do pets like to be petted,” a feel-good feeling can keep your dog coming back for more. Part of that good feeling, however, comes from the oxytocin and from the affection you give.

Dogs also enjoy pets as it makes them feel as if you are part of their pack. Dogs are naturally packed animals, like wolves. Petting your dog can help them to know that you are there with them at any time, just like in a pack.

Does Your Dog Really Want to Be Petted?

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Yes, your dog does want pets. Often, any way that you want to pet your dog is good enough for them. If your dog is new to your home, it may enjoy pets that are away from its paws or belly more until it trusts you.

To give any new dog the most positive experience from pets, let them sniff you first. Allowing them to sniff you will show them that they can trust you before petting. Some dogs may feel afraid if they have certain illnesses or skin conditions such as sensitive itchy skin. If this is the case, consider using our Hundeshampoo gegen juckende Haut to help!

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Abschließende Gedanken

You may ask, “why do dogs like being petted?” In a general sense, the answer to this question is simple. It just feels good. Petting is beneficial to you as well as you can relax with your dog. You can even find health problems that it may face early. Ensure that you go slowly with a new dog to show them that affection is a good thing.

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