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Is Edamame Beans Safe for Dogs?

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Is Edamame Beans Safe for Dogs?

When most people think about dog food, they assume meat is the only option. However, as more dog owners know, Fido also loves some healthy vegetables now and then. While you may be thinking we are only talking about such common veggies as potatoes, corn, or carrots, you may be surprised to learn that edamame beans are considered quite a healthy treat for your four-legged friend when given in moderation. In studies done on humans, researchers found those who consume edamame beans on a daily basis can reduce their LDL or "bad" cholesterol by nearly 13 percent, which of course leads to you asking is edamame good for dogs? Offering similar advantages to dogs, you may be surprised what you're about to learn when wondering can dogs eat edamame shells.

What are Edamame Beans?

A very popular part of the daily diet in Korea, Japan, and China, edamame beans are actually young soybeans. Served in their pods, most people do not eat the pods, but instead simply pop the pod and let the bean fly into their mouth. Usually served steamed or boiled, they are great sources of protein and fibre. Considered a delicacy, edamame beans are often included in many frozen vegetable mixes, and are considered a great addition to salads.

Are Edamame Toxic to Dogs?

If you're wondering is edamame safe for dogs and if this is one of those foods that is great for humans but dangerous to dogs, you can put your mind at ease. In fact, of all the vegetables you could give your dog, edamame beans are some of the best. Along with not being toxic, edamame beans pose no significant health risks to your dog. However, if you decide to incorporate these beans into your dog's diet, don't give them a handful initially. Instead, try only one or two beans. Since this will be something new for your dog, you want to make sure it will agree with their digestive system and not cause them to vomit or have diarrhoea.

Edamame Health Benefits for Dogs

As stated earlier, edamame beans are some of the healthiest vegetables you can give your dog. Just as with humans, edamame beans offer your dog a great source of protein and fibre, which is essential to digestive health and helping manage a dog's weight. Along with this, the healthy polyunsaturated fats found in edamame beans keep skin and fur in excellent condition. All of this, when combined with omega-3 acids and other nutrients, also contribute to reducing the risk your dog will develop diabetes as they age, making edamame beans a winner all the way around.

Preparing Edamame for Your Dog

Is Edamame Beans Safe for Dogs_The Healthy Dog Co

If you've decided to make edamame part of your dog's regular diet, it's important that you know the best way to prepare them for consumption. While it is not uncommon for humans to eat edamame beans that are steamed, fried, baked, or flavoured, it's best if you choose to give raw or steamed edamame beans to your dog. If you decide to hand out these treats in raw form, they will be fresh, crunchy, and contain no seasoning or other ingredients that may not be healthy. As for steamed edamame beans, always remember to not add any seasoning to the beans, since this can lead to an upset stomach or other issues after the meal.

As for why you should not feed flavoured, fried, or baked edamame beans to dogs, there are many reasons. If these beans are flavoured with too much salt, salt poisoning could take place, since a dog's system can only tolerate small amounts of salt. Also, fried foods of any sort can lead to dogs suffering from pancreatic inflammation, which can affect their intestines and result in a visit to the vet. Finally, baked edamame beans will also contain plenty of salt, preservatives, and oils that could over time lead to clogged arteries, making the meal far too fatty for Fido. When it comes to the edamame bean pods, dogs generally like them. However, since there is always the risk of choking associated with the pods, most vets recommend you steer clear of the pods and stick to just the beans. If you want additional information on preparing edamame beans for your dog, check out

How Much Edamame Can You Give Your Dog?

While the answer is "no" regarding is edamame bad for dogs, it is best if you do not grab a handful of edamame beans and give them to your dog all at once. While your dog will gladly eat them up all at once, they will pay for it later with an upset stomach and vomiting. While you can easily add these to your dog's daily diet, most people use only about three or four beans per day with their dogs. However, this can vary depending on the size of the dog, its tolerance for edamame beans, and how much you want your dog to have each day. Whether you mix it in with your dog's regular food or choose to use it as a treat, edamame beans will be a great addition to the menu.

Side Effects of Edamame for Dogs

When speaking of side effects of edamame for dogs, the most common is bloating from eating too many beans at once. Unfortunately, this can also lead to stomach gas, which won't make it very pleasant for you to be within smelling distance of your dog. In addition, eating too many edamame beans may also result in vomiting and diarrhoea due to excess fibre.

Now that the question of can dogs eat edamame beans has been answered in the affirmative, you can get to work adding these to your dog's diet as often as you like. With their various health benefits and the fact that dogs love to eat these beans raw, there is little doubt this new treat will be welcomed by the canine members of your household, making you their favourite human of all-time.

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